Research is much more than the family tree which is a result of it. This project was begun by Gwen who had come into a written copy of her mother's family, then contacted various family members to gather information. Eventually she contacted her brother to do some research on the Internet, as he had a computer. Access was gained to official records such as Old Parish Records, the post 1855 records, census records and many others. Contact was made with relatives world wide and others who were researching the main surnames of the two parents. This is the result, a web site showing the family tree, accessible by registered users. For now here is a small portion of some of the research.


sample Steven

This is a few of the Steven's in the family tree from Benjamin our grandfather, to his great grandfather on his wife's side, again Steven.


Steven Benjamin b: 1881 Wick Caithness

Steven Biny(Sutherland) b: 1775 Caithness

Steven Catherine b: 28 Mar 1736 Wick Caithness

Steven Catherine b: 2 Oct 1826 Wick Caithness

Steven Catherine b: 1834 Wick Caithness

Steven Christian b: 10 Jun 1766 Canisbay Caithness

Steven Christian b: 1821 Canisbay Caithness

Steven Christina b: 1850 Wick Caithness

Steven Daniel b: 24 Jun 1824 Wick Caithness

Steven Daniel-Donald b: 19 Nov 1841 Wick Caithness

Steven Daniel-Donald b: 1858 Wick Caithness

Steven David b: 1720 Wick Caithness

Steven David b: 1752 Wick Caithness

Steven David b: 1755 Wick Caithness

Steven David b: 18 Mar 1759 Wick Caithness

sample Opr

This is sample text file, for some births, deaths, marriages, in Bower, Watten and Wick including in part, witnesses, places, occupation. Extracted from notes taken during my research. 


Session of Bonds

Alexander Oall in Auchingill Canisby Parish & Marjory Miller in Bowerm'on 10th July 1795

Donald Jack in Bowermaden and Marg't Steven there 19 Oct 1794 Wit Peter Henderson & W'm Dunnet


Burials 1790 - 1795

John Stephen in Bowermadon 31st July 1793

Elizabeth McBeath in Bowermaddon 4 Jan 1791



22 March 1761 Alex ‘r Oag in Thrumster had a child by Elspet Farquhar bapt named Elspet  witnesses Alexr Lyall & Francis Gray

25 Dec 1763 Alexander Oag in Sarclet had a child by his wife Elsabeth Farquhar bapt Kathrine  witnesses James Cormack & Donald Bain both in Sarclet

12 April 1772 Alexr Oag in Sarclet had a child by his wife Elizth Farquhar baptized  William. Witnesses James Davidson in Sarclet & George Manson in Ulbster

10 March 1759 David Steven in Thrumster had a child by his wife Christain Young  bapt David  witnesses George Reach & David Reid

 28 Dec 1794 David Steven in Thrumster had by his wife Henrietta Ogg a child baptized  named John. Witss Alexr Ogg & Alexr Donne there

 24th Nov 1796 David Stephen in Thrumster had by his wife Henny Oag a child baptized  named Alexr. Witnesses James Oag in Thrumster & Donald Brimms there



Matthew Simpson in Murzee & Catherine Oal in Lyth were matrimonially contracted  12 January 1833. Caut Alex'r Stephen & Emanuele Matheson (looks like Emanuele)

James Bremner in Knockdee and Helen Stephen in Stemster both in this parish gave in  their names in order to proclamation of banns on the 9th of September and after being  three times proclaimed in the parish church were married on the 6th of October 1848

24 Nov 1792 David Stevens in Thrumster was matrimonially contracted to Henrietta Ogg  Cautioners for the man Will Stevens there and for the woman Alexr Ogg there

3 Dec 1847 David Steven shoemaker Wick and Ellen Clyne daughter of John Clyne Pulteneytown were matrimonially contracted on the fifth day of November and married on the third day of December AD Eighteen hundred and forty seven in presence of William Steven and Donald Clyne parishoners of Wick