Gramps is genealogy software. The name derives from what it is - Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System. It is part of the open source community which I enjoy. An extract from its extensive web site describes it well.......a Free Software Project for Genealogy, offering a professional genealogy program, and a wiki open to all. It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists.

I have been using it a few years now and for a while I was content for it to produce a web site for me, which it does very well. The whole essence of open source software is that one can change it to suit requirements. I then produced a template within Gramps and the resultant pages matched the colour of my Joomla site at that time. Looked good. With the new template I now use in Joomla, a new challenge arose, can I change the template again in Gramps. This was much more difficult than the previous one, because of the transparency effect, but I now have something I quite like.

It is used on this site