Is this the way forward

It certainly is a wonderful opportunity for young people to get involved and a great use of open source software. This project at Young Rewired State is very interesting - it is a not for profit organisation so have a look and see what you think, or better still, support them.
This is one of their videos of the many hacks they organise. Young Rewired State 2012

Charlottes Tandems

This is more to do with our cycling activities, but it is of such interest that I mention it here as well. I first came across the site when it first started and have been amazed at the progress that has been made. Essentially they supply tandems to disabled people or special needs completely free. When we recently bought a replacement tandem, I donated the old one to  Charlotte's Tandems. They have tandems available throughout the country, so if you know anyone that fits their criteria, tell them about this great web site.

Interesting web site

The Gravestone Photographic Resource is a web site I recently discovered and I think will be of much interest to all genealogists. It is run entirely by volunteers.

Now Within

This is not the family tree - but it is some information about one member. Benjamin was born in 1881 and died in France in 1917. Click on the link below to learn a little about Benjamin. The details here was once on its own site and is a much earlier web site that I did.
It will open in a new window Benjamin


The intention is to provide links on this page, mostly about genealogy, but also other of interest.

First Site

Our first site was produced a while back, and was initially about our first travels on our tandem. After a few more trips, more was added to the site, including some animation for amusement. Much of it is still relevant, and is included in an updated site, with more content which may be visited via the link.  here we are on the tandem......................................tandem3...........................