The site has had a major upgrade to the supporting software, which should ensure a more advanced presence. It retains some of the original look, but has a new template which gives a fresher look and now has a logo, as well as an upgraded image slider. Next stage is to update the content pages as some of them need a good shakeup.

The initial focus was to develop a genealogy site with the family tree available to Registered users. This has now been done and is being added to gradually. Registered users can use the below link "Login or Register" to log in. New Registration is currently suspended. See Registered users for more information.

There are links to previous web sites, and other pages will provide other items as the site grows. There is a general News page which we hope to develop as a blog for user comments. There have been some improvements, mainly to with the genealogy section, details elsewhere.
This site is still under development, being an outlet for some of my talents, but hopefully it will provide useful information.